An Introduction

Dear reader, it is lovely that you have come by for a visit! I'm Maddy.

Several years ago, through the infinite grace of the Lord and the work of His Holy Spirit, I came to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I'm a sinner who is washed clean by the precious blood of Jesus, forgiven in the sight of our Father, and sanctified and regenerated through the miraculous indwelling and work of the Lord. May all praise, glory and honour be given unto His name.

I live with my precious family – my parents, four brothers, and sister - on a chicken farm in northeastern Australia. Together, we worship the Lord, grow, learn, work, and laugh J. My brothers and I are greatly blessed that our parents have homeschooled us (and continue to homeschool my three little brothers and sister!).
I love to work on the farm with Dad and my older brother; to play and continue to learn the violin; to learn from Mum and work with her in the home, garden, and in many places (and to read aloud to her and also to my little brother and sister, a favourite pastime J); to correspond with sisters in the Lord; and to play with our four cats, most especially my own little cat, Violet. (Well, she belongs to the Lord – but was entrusted to my care nearly two years ago, only a couple of weeks after finishing school!).

There is much more to share, but too much to be contained in an introduction :).
May the Lord bless you! ~