Sunday, 5 August 2012

A beautiful winter walk

Yesterday, we all went for a lovely walk in the nature reserve beside our home. It was such a special time, and oh - the glimpses that we were blessed to see of the Lord's wondrous handiwork. We were able to catch some photos of some of the beauties we saw in this very Australian landscape, including some native Australian wildflowers. They are beautiful... and all the more special because they are nameless and unknown, but so unique, and lovely in the way that they are little splashes of colour in the surrounding landscape. Some we had never seen before. Sometimes the most beautiful flowers seem to emerge only in the wintertime, here.

These we call 'squiggly gums' :). We don't know of any other name for them!

In case the photo doesn't show up just right, these flowers are a beautiful combination of yellow and purple.

What a curious plant this is! The 'flowers' are like little balls of fluffy, filmy seeds. 'Puffballs', or something like that :).

Beautiful, praise the Lord!

This little blossom was hiding away in the grass, all on its own.

I wonder what this is!

Another 'hideaway' :)

Blessed be the name of the Lord.