Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Master Gardener

The soup is long since eaten...

And still the skies are cloudy.
Mum and I love baking warm meals
on these cool, rainy days.

Including salmon and egg pie...

And a delicious cinnamon, apple and walnut cake.

During this rainy season, Charlie the rainbow lorikeet
is entertaining two continuous, very friendly visitors.
They are certainly making themselves at home!

Yesterday, Harry, Guy and I went for a long traipse to catch a horse
with a sore eye.
There was a long break in the rain... a wonderful opportunity to
take some photos of the fresh and thriving greenery!

In the humidity, some very interesting specimens have

And the trees are looking healthier than ever.

The dam is overflowing in a rushing stream. The camera
simply cannot capture the beauty of this new landmark...
what manmade vessel could adequately describe and depict
the Lord's wondrous handiwork?

The bubbling water is so fresh and sparkling clean. We
had a lovely time splashing our faces with it... until
the splashes proceeded from our own faces to each others'!

A couple of months ago, Harry scraped the rotten insides of a pumpkin
onto a strip of dirt away from the house.
Yesterday, we discovered that the 'scraps' took root!

It is amazing how the wasted seeds, so carelessly scraped onto the ground, are thriving much more than the pumpkin seeds we planted last year. This has also been the case with cherry tomatoes. We planted a crop several years ago, but the yield was scanty. Yet a year later, we had a literal 'plague' of cherry tomatoes, fat and shining and healthy... way too many to eat!

Maybe the seeds planted in the hearts of mankind, have a similar story. Our best intentions and most ardent attempts to plant and grow seeds in the hearts of others... do they flourish? Can they flourish without the sovereign and merciful touch and cultivation of the Master's hand? We cannot plan for His touch... but we can obey His leading. We cannot of ourselves supply the fertile soil or the water... but we can be guided by His Hand, and be His vessels of the seed, which is the Good News of the Lord Jesus!

Perhaps we have heard before that the Lord alone converts the heart... but do we hear this truth? Paul even rejoiced that people were not convicted and converted by his fine speech or charisma; that rather they were converted by the Holy Spirit! The Spirit of the Lord converted their hearts as they heard the Good News which he preached to them.
When the Lord Jesus opened my eyes to see this, it was as though a great burden was lifted. And then I realized.
I had been striving to 'convert' those whom the Lord brought across my path.
Carrying a great burden, rather than trusting.
Trying to bring forth my own words, and to convict others... rather than asking to be His vessel.
Oh, still there is so much to see and learn about total faith in the Lord Jesus, as the Master Gardener.
And indeed, I pray that He would open our eyes to see the many opportunities He places before us! How often I miss these opportunities.
In His infinite grace, may the Lord open our eyes, and quicken us.
All glory be to His name.


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dearest sister,

Oh praise the Lord for this wonderful and beautiful revelation! It is so lovely to share in what the Lord has shown to you, and to hear of such a burden lifted.

The Lord truly blessed me last night in my Bible reading, and study, as well. And for the first time in many months, I awoke perfectly happy. I had to burden and no worry. And I realized that it was a peace from the Savior, like nothing on earth can give us. Knowing that we can rest and be at peace in His Love!

As soon as I started to "figure" the reason WHY I was so happy... the happiness started to fade away, and I started becoming quickly enveloped in the cares of the world all over again.

It, praise the Lord, is not by our strength that true Joy can be found. But just as in sleeping, I found after I awoke that I had last night, been resting in the Lord, and this morning I was at peace.

So we must be every day, and every hour, waking or sleeping, that He may indeed be the Master Gardener. For the seeds that you did not cultivate merely rested until the Lord was ready to grow and cultivate them. Praise His Name. Let us be these seeds! In His Name.

In His Love, your sister, with lots of love and prayers. :)

PS. The pictures were all so beautiful Maddy, and your soup and baked goods look absolutely delicious! :) I would love to try each and every one. Thank you for sharing. And I pray you did catch the horse yesterday, without any trouble. :)

Savories of Life said...

Blessing to you. All your food looks yummy! we made dutch farmers soup the other day. I have a bird which is a lovebird, not as colorful as yours. wish I could have one. Need to go post. Take care and have fun teaching!

Joy said...

Dearest Maddy,

The warm meals you've been baking look really scrumptious, perfect for rainy days like the ones we've been having! As it is, I haven't had a good look out of the window today to see whether it is cloudy, but the sun was shining into the room when I got out of bed, so that was truly refreshing =D.

The photos you've shared are lovely, Maddy. Thank you for sharing about this, about trusting the Master Gardener to convict and and bring His sheep into the Flock by His Spirit and not by human striving, but by letting the Lord use us as simple vessels, that the glory may not be in us but in Him!

May the Lord help us in this, dear sister. I pray you have a blessed day today.
In His love,

Lauren said...

I love that you can bring little things in life back to something God-related! I really enjoyed reading this post- so true- sometimes we plant and God does the watering, other times, He plants, and asks us to water! :)

Joy said...

Dearest Maddy,

How are you now? I don't know how you'll like this but, I was given a blog award, and a part of it is to share the award with other blogging friends, so I have awarded you on my blog! :)

God bless,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Maddy do love this post - the photos are a delight to the eye as the food was no doubt to your stomach :D and you are having so much fun in the beauties of Gods creation. I love the way the message of the what we see is converted in the heart to a spiritual message! and may we too have ears to hear and eyes to see, that we might be that light to others; as you say, obedient servants, thanks for encouraging me on my blog :D Shaz in oz.x

Anonymous said...

Dearest sister;

Carra read this beautiful post to me the other day and only now do I get a chance to comment!

This is such a beautiful and deep truth, dearest Maddy, and such a wonderful lesson to learn!

Thank of working and striving instead of obeying and resting!

May Jesus bless us to yeild to Him in all things, and let Him work in us that work He desires to accomplish, overcoming our own wills and making us see Him ever so much more!

With all my love;

Anonymous said...


You have such beautiful birds there. :)

Over here our birds are mainly drab colors. Brown, grey, or black.

The stream is beautiful too! :)
Do ya'll have copperhead/water moccisan snakes over there?

We have these snakes in the south whereever water is. They're deadly poison. :(

Good night sister, and I'm praying very much for you as this day begins for you! :)

Sarah said...

Dear Maddy,
Sorry I haven't commented earlier...studies, as usual!
I really loved your last two posts. It's lovely to have sunshine again now. But rain is still always refreshing. Your baked meals really look yummy:)
The birds that've made their home in your veranda are just so sweet. And, oh, Eleanor looks sooo cute drinking tea:)

I love the rushing stream pictures...they remind us of what life in the Spirit is like.
Thanks for the spiritual truths you've shared with us, Maddy. It is a precious thing to be able to see God in the World around us.

love in Him,