Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rainy Days

It's raining and pouring this week... a dozen and more inches! The rainy weather is so enjoyable, but also inconvenient when it comes to outside jobs :). The road to our place has a creek running across it, and the driveway and surrounding lanes are running with water. And the grass is growing... and the frogs are croaking... and it is a wonderful time to achieve inside tasks!
I've always loved the rain, particularly at night - when it falls around the house like a protective blanket.

Don't know about you, but in the rainy weather we love to eat soup!
This morning I'm making a slit pea soup, and trying to find as many interesting
ingredients to add as possible.

A wonderful treat in this weather is tea. Oh, how lovely
is a cup of tea on a cold, rainy day!

Tea, for young and old!

Best of all, some interesting visitors have called by :).
First a pair of Butcher Birds

Then, a very sweet family... which started with one member...

And grew! From one to two...

Then three...



And finally, seven!
All seeking shelter away from the wind and rain.

Isn't it a blessing that we have the shelter of our homes in wet weather.
And what an infinitely greater blessing it is, to have a Refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ.
He is our Refuge, and further, our Rock and our Foundation. Not only a Shelter from the rain, but a Rock on which to build, so that no wind, and no wave, can toss us while we stand upon Him.
And not only a shelter from the earthly storm, but also from the spiritual.
Oh, these spiritual battles are incomparably more fierce, and batter us as no earthly storm could.
There are times - most times - when the storm is too, too great for man to face, let alone stand firm throughout.
Have you been through such a storm?
My family and I have found that even what seem to be "little" storms, still are too great for us to 'conquer' or face in our own strength.
How can what is spiritual, be faced by fleshly strength?
What victory in Jesus, to instead be able to declare truly that "The battle belongs to the Lord"!
- That in every storm, we are hiding in the cleft of the Rock, trusting in the Lord Jesus...
for He has conquered, and He now is our Refuge.
Let us cling to Him, dwelling under the shadow of His wings.
Through every storm and wind.
And through the rain, which is a more steady and gentle buffeting force, which like the "small storms" can gradually and deceptively wear us down, unless we stand on the solid Rock.
Stand by faith, for He alone can even keep us standing on His foundation!
Blessed be His Name, for He is mighty to save and to deliver His people through any and every storm.


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

My dearest sister Maddy, :)

Good afternoon to you precious sister. :) I was just getting ready for bed, and I was so thrilled and so blessed to read your new post, and lovely and such a blessing indeed.

The Lord truly knew I needed this tonight... indeed the battle is too too fierce for any of us to fight on our own, and what a precious reminder this is that the battle is not ours, but the Lord's! Praise His Holy Name. Our Jesus. Our God and our King.

Dear sister, the tea looks lovely. :) If I wasn't going to bed just now, I would love to have a cup too. It's interesting that it's been raining on both sides of the world this week.

I am certainly your soup will be delicious! :) It looks so good already. I've never had split pea soup before, although I've heard about it always, I just never have thought of looking for a recipe and seeing what it's like. But seeing your photo and hearing of it makes me want to try some! :)

The photos were all so lovely, and I really enjoyed seeing them... it was such a blessing to see a glimpse of your blessings, sister, and seeing the glimpse of the Lord's gifts... He is so very very Good.

Dearest sister, I am praying for you so much, and send all of my love to you tonight. May the Lord Jesus bless you in a million ways!

With all my love,
Your sister,

Joy said...

Dearest Maddy,

What a blessing it was to read this today! I always look forward to reading your posts, and this one truly blessed my heart as I read it. Amen, may our hearts be firmly fixed on the Rock, Jesus who is our Refuge in the time of rain and storm (both physical and spiritual). I really needed to hear this today. How true it is, that no matter how big or small the battle is, we CANNOT fight it by ourselves (the Lord has been showing me this lately actually, our utter need and dependence on the Lord). Only in HIM, in HIS strength is there victory over all the powers of the enemy. Praise the Lord, that He has overcome and triumphed!

It has been raining here so much, hasn't it! It feels somewhat eerie seeing the amount of rain, especially after last year's terrible flooding. But it is wonderful to be learning to always lean on the Lord, and trust Him, isn't it. It is special to be all huddled at home, doing indoor activities when there rain is falling outside. Is your road really flooded badly? Mm, that soup looks delicious on a rainy day like today!

Oh, those pictures you shared were so lovely, especially the one of Eleanor with her 'tea' :D. She is so sweet! The pictures of the birds are amazing as well. Thank you for sharing, dear Maddy.

I pray that the Lord will bless and protect you this day and everyday. Be blessed in the Lord, dear sister!
In His love,

April said...

Dearest Maddy;

How lovely that rain looks! :) Very rarely we get heavy, heavy rains like that around here. And they last like a day maybe.
But we have been getting rain lately on and off for about 4 or 5 days that's put about 4 or 5 inches of mud in front of the barn!

It is so nice to stay inside during rainy days (only days here :) and sip tea, eat soup, and work on inside tasks. :) Yes, I like those days too very much!

It is such a blessing, dear sister, to think of Jesus as our Refuge during these spiritual storms you mentioned. Oh! How much fiercer the wind blows the closer we are to our Jesus! How satan seems to batter even harder the more we seek to know our Father deeper. But He has overcome the world, and He is within us, here to fight for us, so that we may flee to His arms, be lost in Him, and rest there while the storm passes by. May we always turn to Him so and rest in Him as our Refuge and Strength! For, as you said, these battles can not be fought by the flesh, that only tares us down, but only through Him Who is Spirit.

I pray you have a wonderful night's rest and a beautiful day, dear sister.

With all my love;

Mara Wildflower said...

Amen to relying upon the Lord during times of "storms" in our lives, rather they be small or large. Without the Lord, we would probably get blown down from a storm, and never be able to rise-up again. So, I am quite thankful to have His strength.

At any rate, are you still enjoying your rainy weather? It rained here to for several days, but now has subsided. I am not a big fan of rain, but I know it is needed.

How did your split pea soup come out? The ingredients you used for it looked very tasty, indeed! Although I am not a tea drinker, I do enjoy hot cocoa on cold rainy days.

Anyway, have a blessed week my Dear Friend. :)

-M. Wildflower

Savories of Life said...

I just found your blog and was delighted by it. Have you ever made split pea soup with lettuce in it.

How great young and old drink tea, we all do even my 5 year old sister and she has for a few years.

God knwos what to give us we had rain till today for several days. How grand to see the sun!