Saturday, 10 December 2011


That delightful time of year has arrived, when the ewes start lambing! Our hearts are filled with gratitude and praise to the Lord every time we look over the fence and see the precious new lambs, running around ever so clumsily to keep up with their mothers.

The lambing season started one mild afternoon, when I came upon Sophie and a new little addition :).

She is a beautiful little ewe, just born when I arrived.

We were able to get so close and hold and pet her to our hearts content, because Sophie was one of our potty lambs. They never forget the hand that feeds them, so Sophie's lamb is being raised to be very quiet, too!

We glimpsed an interesting part of the birthing process here:

Sophie and her lamb spent the night in our yard, and here is the lamb the next morning,
having an early feed!

During the second night, she fell down a hole and was painted in red mud :).

The second lamb to be born, another little ewe, seems to have been premature. You can see here, how tiny she is.

After four days, we decided to take her in and hand-raise her. She's too young and small to survive, not even being old enough to reach up and feed from her mother. She was quite miserable the day we brought her home :(

She took to the bottle very quickly, and Harry has become her 'Maama' :)

"That's enough milk, thanks!"

I'll have some 'finger', though. That tastes really good

By day two, she was looking like a different lamb, well hydrated and on the track to being so much healthier. She will start growing now, the Lord willing!


There are seven lambs now, including two sets of twins! I'd love to post more photos soon, as we take them.

When we think of lambs, how can we help but consider our Lord Jesus, Who was named the Lamb of God? During this lambing season, I was reminded of a passage from Roy Hession's book The Calvary Road, called 'The Disposition of the Lamb', where he writes:

"Look at Him for a moment as the Lamb. He was the simple Lamb. A lamb is the simplest of God's creatures. It has no schemes or plans for helping itself - it exists in helplessness and simplicity. Jesus made Himself as nothing for us, and became the simple Lamb. He had no strength of His own or wisdom of His own, no schemes to get Himself out of difficulties, just simple dependence on the Father all the time. "The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do." But we - how complicated we are! What schemes we have had of helping ourselves and of getting ourselves out of difficulties. What efforts of our own we have resorted to, to live the Christian life and to do God's works, as if we were something and could do something. The Dove had to take His flight (at least as far as the conscious blessing of His Presence was concerned) because we were not willing to be simple lambs."

May we look unto Jesus the Lamb of God. Not just as our example, but as our Lord, our Life. We have been buried with Him through baptism unto death, and raised up in Him... in His Life. Isn't this a wonderful, incredible truth! All praise to the Lord Jesus!

This is the truth which brings such joy to any season, isn't it. The joy of beholding the Lord Jesus, the precious Lamb of God, our Saviour. Blessed be His Name.