Thursday, 8 September 2011

For Him

(My cousin got married near this archway
in March... in my Aunty's garden :)

How weary and discouraging it is, to carry the burdens of life alone. And what sweet, joyful relief it is to hand those burdens over to the Lord Jesus, and abide in Him. Earlier in the week, I felt so discouraged by something, and it hung over me like a burden of lead. After I had wallowed in the discouragement for a time, the Lord showed me that I was focusing self-ward - turning my thoughts inward, to how unpleasant this thing was for me. How could He be honoured through this if, far from turning my eyes upon Jesus, I was focusing on... my own grievances? The Holy Spirit convicted me, through this experience, that I certainly will experience discouragement - in every circumstance! - while I'm just thinking of self. On the other hand, I will know the greatest of joy and victory if I go through every circumstance... for Him! This is our joy, to do everything out of love for Jesus. To see that no matter how apparently discouraging a circumstance seems, in Jesus it will most assuredly be a victory for Him, bringing glory to His Name. This is our purpose as His children... to do all things through Him, and for Him. I pray that you are blessed by this beautiful prayer, as I was.

Jesus, You shall be first in my life.
I want to talk with You and work for You.
I want to think over everything with You,
making all my decisions with You.
Nothing shall be done without You,
for I do not want to shut You out of my life.
Bind me tightly to You,
so that nothing-
no work, no burden, no other interest, no joy -
can separate us during this day.
So may I constantly live in Your holy presence:
for You are here!

May this day be dedicated
To You, Jesus, dearest Lord.
Troubles, cares - whate'er it brings me,
May Your name be praised, adored.

Lamb of God, beloved Bridegroom,
Grant Your grace to me this day,
That I may reflect Your image
In whate'er I do and say.

Help me to endure each trial,
Dearest Jesus, hear my plea.
Even on the hardest pathway
May You, Lord, be seen in me.

May I live to bring You glory
When Your name is so despised,
In all things, whate'er may happen,
Prove myself Your faithful bride.

(Basilea Schlink, My All For Him)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Maddy,
Oh how true! How marvellous. That is beautiful. :)

Oh... how I do long to be always in the Lord's constant presence... and I long for that for all of the people that I know and love, and for those that I do not. I pray that we all may be filled with the thirst for the Living Water.

Praying for you and your precious family, dear sister,
With love, Carra

Joy said...

Dear Maddy!
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post, and the poem by Basilea Schlink. It is so beautiful!

I too desire to be in the presence of the Lord all day, every day, every moment and not look to self, but to HIM!!! How often I do not let the Lord take the first place in my life, thoughts and actions.... when I so need Him, so long for Him in my soul. He is my all, my very life! Oh may, like you said, focus on Jesus, and not on my own burdens and doubts and struggles. Today I read in 1 Peter, "Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you". That part: "Bind me tightly to You, so that nothing- no work, no burden, no other interest, no joy can separate us during this day" is especially a cry of my heart today.

Oh, Maddy! I really loved the time we shared together on Wednesday. I praise the Lord for your fellowship and for binding us together as sisters in Him, in His love! P.S. I look forward to finishing our skirts together sometime soon too :).
Be blessed in the Lord, dear sister. In His unfailing love, your sister and friend,

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Maddy yes that is the whole purpose of all we go through in this life - Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven - may we truly glorify Him by our lives each and every day that he gives us. thanks so much for sharing, Shaz.x

Sarah said...

Dear Maddy,
This is a really lovely prayer. Thanks for sharing. This is my prayer, too. It's so easy to keep looking on ourselves instead of on Him. I pray He gives us the grace to look to Him and rejoice in Him in all circumstances.

As Joy said, it was a lovely time we had together last Wednesday:)

May the Lord keep you and your family always in His grace.

Love in Him,

April said...

That is so beautiful, Maddy! Thank you for posting this. It has truly blessed me today.
I pray you are all well and flourishing in the love of Jesus!

Your sister in Christ;