Thursday, 7 July 2011

Summer Memories

Well, we have entered the chilling, foot-numbing, finger-cramping days of winter! During this time of year, it is a warming activity to reflect on hot summer days, blooming flowers and sunshine. Today I tried to condense the photos of many summers into a small collection... but with little success...
Bebe - a poddy lamb

Lotus, and 1 day old Charlie

'Heff" short for Heifer - the name stuck!
My little poddy girl, Bessie
Merrylegs sunbaking
No, he's not dead :)
Bessie - next summer
Pie and Penny

'Mum' and Caramello - he nearly died from paralysis tick
and we nursed him... it was a miracle!

My great grandmother's rose... called the 'Nona Rose'

Glenlyon Dam
A curious little oddity!


Joy said...

Wow!!!!!! That's a beautiful SUMMER collection, Maddy! I love the pictures of the flowers, cows and calves... it has such a warm, summer and country feel! Thanks for sharing them!

Maddy said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Joy, I'm glad you like them! xo

Joy said...

I DO like them!
I love the side photos too! They're beautiful!

Maddy said...

We must have similar taste in pictures/colours :) Your comments are always so encouraging, thanks! xo

Sarah said...

These photos are beautiful, Maddy. You've got quite a collection of farm animals. The flowers, too, are very pretty. Very sringy and summery indeed:)! I love the photos you've added on the side as well. I wonder where do you get them from?

Maddy said...

That's great that you like the pictures too! They are from a cd of Bible and old-fashioned pictures, called 'The Ultimate Bible Picture Collection' (from We love looking through them :).