Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Quick Post

Caught up in the busyness of daily commitments with family and friends, the days have flown since my last post! Just wanted to pause briefly, to share a poem that is... well... so very true for every Christian. It is from Roy Hession's book, We Would See Jesus (a book, by the way, which I've found to be very encouraging and helpful).

Under the law with its ten-fold lash,
Learning, alas, how true,
That the more I tried the sooner I died,
While the law cried, You! You!! You!!!

Hopelessly still did the battle rage,
"O wretched man" my cry,
And deliverance I sought by some penance bought,
While my soul cried, I! I!! I!!!

Then came a day when my struggling ceased,
And trembling in every limb,
At the foot of the Tree where One died for me,
I sobbed out, HIM! HIM!! HIM!!!

God bless you as you seek Him. The way is narrow and difficult... there are so many obstacles... our fleshly hearts are stiff-necked, cold and proud... the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak... the battle for our souls is ever raging... but HE IS SUFFICIENT AND HAS WON THE BATTLE! Praise His name!


Joy said...

I really appreciate that poem, Maddy, and was really blessed by it when you shared it with me. How true it is, that it is all in "Him", hanging on the Tree for us! And yes, you are right about how our flesh rebels against the spirit, and is cold and proud and stiff-necked, but in the midst of it, our spirit yearns to be freed from the chains of the flesh and sin. I find that Psalm 63 and Psalm 42 truly echoes the cry of the heart that wants more of the Lord! Amen, He HAS WON THE BATTLE... Thank You, Lord Jesus!!!!
God bless, and thanks again for sharing this poem, Maddy. Talk to you soon :)

Sarah said...

Amen! This is indeed a very deep and heart-challenging poem. The Lord must increase in our hearts and lives and we must decrease.
Thank you, Maddy, for sharing.
God Bless

Mary said...

That is a lovely poem Maddy. Thank you for sharing it. I was very much blessed by it. It is so true that as we keep looking to Him and His eternal sacrifice on the cross for our redemption that our own good works and efforts crumble at the foot of His amazing love for us , and our 'struggles cease' as we realize that and pour our sin burdened souls on Him. .Amen.

Maddy said...

Hi Joy, Sarah and Mary! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this poem, and Amen to those truths. I love poems like that, that really bring us to the Truth of the Cross - like that poem you shared on your blog, Joy.

God bless you, dear sisters in Him!